Lol I saw this same thing painted on a building when I went to Europe. So they're telling Americans which are mostly from European descent to go back to Europe. Shit's funny.
So you confirm native should own the land ?
go home is a polite way of saying Fuck off.....
I'd say Go the fuck back to your place, here it's ours and we don't want you anymore.
That would be the exact phrase a racist would use.
mishaL diaspora
bibil! tu t'es mis dans une sale affaire!!!!
@Birne Helene Or someone really pissed off by an invader
You mean invaders like the migrant hordes at Europe's shores?
I didn't know you considered them as invaders, duly noted, but that's a bit racist IMO.
And I thought you were intelligent enough to spot sarcasm without it being tagged as such. My mistake, I apologize.
And I forgive you for I don't give a flying fuck
Michael Diaspora
ufff, getting hot here, anyway, this is a nice reminder that the Third World is getting sick of the West and it's godless fucking eternal Colonialism War Economy butchery. Seems obvious to me. I agree, fuck the West War Economy.
You people act like us Americans hace a choice. We are held hostage by our corrupt government. We know USA sucks, come over here and help us overthrow the government or shut up.
So much strawmen on that thread <3
@El Sur Radio Too much yankees crying here
Michael Diaspora
@kundalini_awakening I'm American, Pure White European ancestry, and it is the American peoples fault, for half of us not voting, this is a nation built on the blood of brown skin humans, at the beginning and right now, for allowing criminals in government and church to lead, for embracing white privilege, for being the engine of Jim Crow, for burying their heads in that same bloody sand.
Michael Diaspora
Noam Chomsky: The Essentials;
I guess that's the privilege of the ruling empire, Europe used to set the tone in that respect, and boy what an example.. now it's just following the hunter hoping to get some extra meat.
@Caótico subalternado previsor creio que alguns deles são subnormais, qualquer idiota sabe que Yankee Go Home se refere à política intervensionista e expansionista estadunidense. Os turistas americanos são sempre bem-vindos (embora em alguns lugares a política exterior norte-americana fez tantos estragos, mortes e roubos que as pessoas não conseguem deixar de associar qualquer americano com esses crimes – e sinceramente não podemos julgá-los)
qualquer idiota sabe que Yankee Go Home se refere à política intervensionista e expansionista estadunidense 1 +
A true classic