#Socialhome design concept

Long overdue, but better late than never =)

This concept doesn't strive to be the best solution but aims at exploring ideas on how to change interface to achieve best user experience.

Explanations and thoughts here: https://gitlab.com/lostinlight/per_aspera_ad_astra/tree/master/fediverse-in-design/socialhome

Some artwork used is by @davidrevoy

#Fediverse in #design #ui #ux
Изображение / Фото
Изображение / Фото
Изображение / Фото
@lightone I quite like it.

But please, do 7c. Grid like it was in Social Home or Pinterest is good when the chronological order of posts doesn't matter, so literally galleries basically.
But a lot of times people need to see when the post was made or which post comes after which at least. So give us an easy and visible option to switch.

@drequivalent I agree. In the prototype timeline, there''s an icon switch: one-column / multi-column timeline. That would suit all needs. I myself prefer one-column for long-form content
@lightone А лого Гитлаба - это тоже твоя работа?