"ƒ/8 and be there" == old-school "auto-exposure" mode to photographers. At least, I think so.

Come check out or share any fun tips you wish others knew when shooting photographs!


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@patdavid discuss.pixls.us doesn't resolve for me as of right now…
@isagalaev I had a hiccup earlier as well, but it was only temporary - perhaps try again in a few and see what happens?
@patdavid seems to be pretty consistent… Google's doesn't want to resolve it either.
@isagalaev Yeah, neither does FB or Twitter (on their URL validators). Not sure what hiccuped (I am able to reach it fine now, for what it's worth). I'll poke darix.
@patdavid you may have it in a local DNS cache (which stands to reason as you probably practically live on the site :-) )