Ballistic Overkill set to get an exciting sounding update with a new game mode https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/ballistic-overkill-set-to-get-an-exciting-sounding-update-with-a-new-game-mode.12105 #IndieGame #Action #Steam #Unity #FPS
@gamingonlinux The new Rounds game mode feels a lot like Couner-Strike, save for buying hardware.
Which by the way makes total sense. Like, CS being originally conceptualised as closer to real life tactical simulator, how the hell does that happen? When's the last time you've seen a SWAT team or a terrorist squad go like:
- We have 30 seconds before the start of operation, let's go shopping!
- What a great idea! I'll have an AK and couple of 7.62 boxes
- Would you like a flashbang with that?
- No, thanks, just rifle is fine.
- And I'd like a Molotov.
- Coming right up, sir.
- And also a P90 and all 5.7 I can carry.
- Sorry, we're out of stock on them. Those three Russian guys took the last.
- Oh. I see. Maybe tomorrow then.