People being anxious of (gasp!) leaving #Facebook is a complete mystery to me. What do they think's gonna happen? It's not food, it's not oxygen. You just won't see some posts from some people. You're still free to contact your friends and family over a gazillion other means…

I understand addiction, it can be rough. But this is not it. It's just a self-imposed *fear* of addiction. It's just silly.
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@isagalaev there are actually a fair number of people who haven't written letters by any medium other than facebook for some years. People who have never used email

You might go back to snail mail for them, I guess, but
@LogicalDash but they must understand that none of this should be an insurmountable problem. Facebook happened, what, 10 years ago. People must realize there was life before that!

Like, I never lived without electricity in my life, but I'm pretty sure it can be done, and given time can fall into habit.