Is it just me or do I have an impression that I get many more hits on #duckduckgo related to #microsoft products loosely matching my keywords. Is it because their use of #Bing as one of the sources?
@saper If someone buys advertising on DuckDuckGo, it goes via the Bing network, so that could be it..

"The advertising we syndicate through Yahoo! is part of the Yahoo-Microsoft search alliance. By default, when you sign up for a Bing Ads account, your ads should automatically enter rotation into all of Bing's distribution channels including DuckDuckGo."
@hcs but these are not ads, just normal search results...
Ida OStatus
@saper Depends to which other search-engine you're comparing. If it's the ubiquitous, warfare-software-producing one, it could very well be they're suppressing rival companies in the results. DuckDuckGo provides fairly well privacy, I use searx.me though, for the reasons described in:
@ida Good pointer, thanks!

The reason I stopped using the market leader long time ago is that their pitiful attempts at personalisation made me nuts. I was getting wrong results in wrong language in a wrong country.

So, now I should head on straight to #Medium, right? :)
Ida OStatus
@saper If you want to know more about other alternative engines, yes. Otherwise searx.me is a good choice for crawling loads of different sources and being #opensource; I'm pretty happy with it :-)
@ida I would be tempted to install it on my own as I did it before with #YaCy. I hope their bang feature is good since I use it very often!

One other reason #DuckDuckGo fails is their half-backed "safe search" feature.