Released #Pterotype version 1.1.1! Sync blog posts and comments from your WordPress blog with Mastodon and let users comment on posts by replying to the Mastodon thread!

Pterotype is available in the WordPress plugin repository and I'd appreciate it if you signed up as a beta tester at https://getpterotype.com/beta

#ActivityPub #WordPress
@jdormit Impressive! What's next?

Some suggestions:

- Respect Wordpress' user structure. The posts at https://qa.getpterotype.com are actually from "admin" user, not "blog".
- A way to fetch a comment in order to reply to it. Can be dine with replacing links with date and time to the comment-originating post instead of an anchor. Or make Wordpress somehow output the original post's JSON when queried with an anchor and "Accept: application/activity+json"
- Avatars. Both Wordpress users and other AP users should see each others' avatars.
@drequivalent A few thoughts about these. I actually deliberately chose to make all posts from users with publish permission come from a single "blog" Actor, so that all the posts from the blog would go to the same outbox. Comments from subscriber users still show up as being from the individual user, though.

Hm. What if it could do both individual users and the whole blog? I know Plume does this - it has a Blog actor and User actor. You can subscribe to both.
I think Peertube does that also.
@jdormit you could also host several "blogs" on the same Wordpress, how cool is that.
@drequivalent There actually already are individual actors for each user, so it wouldn't be very hard to dual-publish blog posts to individual outboxes. I'm not sure how useful that would be, though...

What do you mean by hosting several blogs on the same WordPress? Do you mean multiple WordPress installations on the same server, or something else?
It would be useful because some wordpress instances are not single-user, you know. Some are actually small publishing joints hosting different authors with different news and different views. What if I only want one or two of them in my feed?

As for blogs, I mean several Blog actors, which an author can choose to post to, the way Plume also does it. But that's a little pie in the sky may be. Or may be not.
For example of such site, take robek.world
They actually do have different authors like @lain and @rw and others.
@drequivalent Ah true, that makes sense. In terms of choosing which feed you publish your post to, I've thought about that, and it's probably coming at some point. But it's pretty low on the priority list at the moment (got to figure out the basics first).
Well, that's basic user@instance logic, i think.
As for different feeds, maybe the wisest thing to do is to tie them to Categories then. It kinda fits description.
The difference may be that in Plume their "blogs" are user-defined while WP's "categories" are administrator-defined. May be they can be whole different things altogether. Food for thought.

> There actually already are individual actors for each user

I think, it should be available to fetch by this link then: