Couple of really nice changes in this month's Mastodon release.
Read more thing is really nice.

I wonder if that means that in theory we can send whole articles over AP without causing much trouble to anyone?

Or may be that's not a very good idea because sending more text means more workload on the network.
@jdormit @BaptisteGelez

@lightone I want to hear your thoughts too
I'm not sure why I'm tagged, but in #Friendica we have a small "Show more" addon that limits the height of posts based on the character count. Thanks to the high post character limit. Diaspora people were already sharing full-length articles so we had to find a way to prevent these posts to take so much space in the timeline in the first place.
I tagged you because Friendica allows for and suited to quite lengthy posts. And also to my knowledge it sends the post in its entirety, which I think wr all agree now is better way of doing things.