Fuuuck yeeeah! 📻

I bought #XHDATA D-808 FM stereo/ SW / MW / LW SSB AIR RDS #receiver and I'm waiting for delivery!

#shortwave #SSB #radio
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@lukaso666 it got the two things i miss out in my Tecsun PL-880, that is Air, and RDS. Congrats!
@santiago I bought XHDATA D-808, because my #Degen DE1103 is quite old - I wanted to replace my Degen..
I have also #Tecsun PL-660 and I love this receiver! PL-880 is too expensive for me as for working class punk 📻 😉
So, I hope to have a fun with this new bad boy XHDATA, especially on #SW #Air #SSB and #AM - I bought also #Tecsun AN200 for better AM reception; MW frequencies are still alive in Europe, so I hope to catch many MW-stations with new antenna and XHDATA!
@lukaso666 @santiago and what about LW? Is your Polish station on 225 kHz audible at yours quite well? I could hear them, but industrial noise is damn strong at ours.
P.S. Preparing to listening to #classical #music on #OesterreichischerRundfunk @ 6155 kHz in 15 minutes.
@staleg @santiago LW in southern Poland is not very well audible. On 225 kHz you can hear 1st Program of Polish Radio but the quality of signal is really poor. I can catch also Radio Belarus and some station from Germany.
All depends of course on weather conditions. I think the antenna Tecsun AN200 will help also on LW! I'm waiting for delivery (XHDATA and the antenna) from China...
@lukaso666 @santiago it becomes more clear. If the quality of signal is really so poor as you described, and assuming #LW propagation hints, I decide that output power of the station is [very]low as for long distance #LW broadcast, hence there's no dought why Polish Radio 1 is weak on Azov Sea cost. 😃