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Telecommunications Engineer Job Description

The telecommunications engineer work under minimum supervision as they are specialized in one of the areas: voice, data, fiber optics and, radio and satellites. The engineer will oversee telephony systems on a regular basis and will work in coordination with the internal and external stakeholders. The professionals activate escalation procedures to provide the necessary support as and when required. They should coordinate and conduct preventive maintenance activities. The engineer has to participate in disaster recovery exercises on a regular basis.

The professional will monitor, operate and improve the telephony systems. They must ensure the service standards defined in the operation-level and service-level agreement. The Telecom Engineer has to respond to the incidents and assist with resolution. They have to keep the telecom system and documentation up to date.

The Telecom Engineer must have good knowledge of logging and database tables to gather information required to resolve problems. The professionals understand phone system administration, inbound contact center call flows, and outbound dialer functions to identify and resolve any issues related to them. The engineers should be able to perform license reconciliation as needed. They have to monitor and respond to system errors.

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Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialist Job Description

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialists resolve issues related to Windows operating systems and other hardware and software. The Specialists must be able to identify and fix problems quickly.

Responsible for troubleshooting desktop environments running Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Providing technical assistance in product evaluations and sourcing.
Installing and configuring software and hardware.
Identifying and resolving issues related to computer and network connectivity
Working both independently and as a part a team.
Upgrading and maintaining Windows hardware, software, and other applications
Providing technical support to clarify Windows desktop problems.
Managing and supporting end-user devices, such as desktop systems and other peripheral equipment.
Assisting in testing, analyzing and resolving issues related to Windows operating systems.
Providing enhanced desktop and customer support services.

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Prospects for Network Analysts

Network Analysts are required in most industry verticals, such as e-commerce, defense, and utilities, among others. As their skill sets are in demand in most countries, they get opportunities to work on-sites abroad. Demand for computer network architects is predicted to increase six percent during the ten-year period 2016-2026, as organizations will look to grow their information technology (IT) networks continuously, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
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