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I am the developper of reel2bits.

It’s a soundcloud-like self-hosted app, which goal is to be kiss and easy to use. And I am currently trying to implement ActivityPub support.

I would really love to have some more contributors than just myself to work better on it. (python3, flask, celery)

A matrix room have been created for that: reel2bits:otter.sh. And I have at least this week and full next one free to help anyone getting on the codebase.
I've made a public room on Riot.im :)
Things might break, as i'm learning this stuff.
Про децентрализацию. Поднял свой #Matrix на https://matrix.wrk.ru и настроил бридж для синхронизации чатов Matrix и #Telegram. Например, чат #ZeroNet: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#zeronet:matrix.wrk.ru (работает гостевое чтение).
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