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Want to run a blog on the Fediverse, which people can follow from Mastodon etc?

There are several platforms which let you do this:

Write Freely


ActivityPub plugin for Wordpress

Pterotype plugin for Wordpress

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Most blogging sites today have a built-in; however, there is a better way to format giving us more control with less distraction.


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The #federated #blogging engine, #Plume, has got a fresh new website: https://joinplu.me.

It is one of the most complete #activitypub projects still in alpha stage, and looking very neat too.

Things to do to help the project:

- contribute financially
- make a translation
- launch an instance

There are already some stable and updated Plume #instances running right now: Fediverse.blog, or plume.mastodon.host, or https://plume.hostux.coffee, as well as https://plume.oa-dev.com, more soon.
this seems like a reliable hosting for a federated blog https://plume.mastodon.host/ #plume #blogging
Lets all collectively make this #request go up the list! The most replies on any "idea" is 23 on their idea form so if 23 of us had ideas about how #ActivityPub could or should be implemented in #ghost that should be a simple matter. The future of #blogging is closer then we might imagine.

thanks @drequivalent for starting this issue on the ghost forum.
The blogging platform #Plume aims to be a federated open source alternative to #Medium, and is under active development.

It's still at a pre-Alpha stage, but you can get regular updates from the lead developer at @BaptisteGelez (the account is on a Plume instance but it federates through #ActivityPub, so you can follow it on Mastodon etc).

There's a demo Plume instance at:


Developers can find out more here:


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