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Es werden also Testpatienten dafür bezahlt im „Pandemie“ Zentren zu liegen und sich Simulierte Tests zu unterwerfen. Das lädt ja geradezu die Unwahrheitspresse wieder ein. Fake News sind hier schon vorprogrammiert........


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Recombination: Planned vaccinations change us genetically!😡😡

Among the ten Covid-19 vaccines already undergoing clinical trials, four candidates contain recombinant RNA and one candidate DNA plasmids, according to information provided by the WHO on 27 May. Different technologies for introducing the recombinant genetic material into human cells are indicated.

Recombinant RNA, which is introduced into human cells, alters the genetic processes there and can very well be classified as a genetic modification of the cell or the organism, because genetic modification is not limited to a direct modification of the DNA.

Humans are thus genetically modified by these "vaccinations", even though the legislator, in defining GMOs (1 ), has excluded the use of this term for humans themselves. This was done to avoid human rights resistance, although the same interventions in animals would lead to this label. After all, even humans are already genetically modified in special cases. Such modifications are carried out as "gene therapy" and are legally provided with high hurdles (e.g. Zolgensma).

Furthermore, genetic modifications always carry the risk that they could also involve the germ cells. A germ line change, i.e. hereditary genetic modifications, has so far been taboo in terms of human rights. The participants in clinical trials of the new genetic "vaccines" must therefore also commit themselves to strict contraceptive measures.

In the case of the "genetic vaccinations" imposed on us by panic-mongering, a lobby has also ensured in good time that the planned mass vaccinations with recombinant genetic information are not called "gene therapy", even though they are natural, simply to improve acceptance.

(1)Genetic engineering law:

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) A GMO is an organism, with the exception of humans, whose genetic material has been modified in a way that does not occur under natural conditions through crossing or natural recombination.

(2) EU Directive 2009/120, 2.1 Gene therapy medicinal product

A gene therapy medicinal product is a biological medicinal product which has the following characteristics:
(a) it contains or consists of an active substance containing or consisting of a recombinant nucleic acid which is used in or administered to human beings to regulate, repair, replace, add or remove a nucleic acid sequence
(b) its therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic effect is directly related to the recombinant nucleic acid sequence which it contains or to the product resulting from the expression of that sequence
Vaccines against infectious diseases are not gene therapy medicinal products.


...mRNA or DNA-intercalation into human cells is not a vaccine against infectious disease but recombinant manipulation of the genetic makeup of human cells!

What comes out of this cannot be clarified by an observation period of a few months.

Such genetic manipulations on humans are criminal and must not be permitted on millions (Bill Gates says on 7 billion) of people. The clinical studies on this must be stopped immediately!


The author has worked on GMOs and other related topics for the Council of Europe and the German Bundestag.

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