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@jrhawley Olga Kalinina has presented the way she works with #PostgreSQL and #R (via PL/R) during #fosdem #pgday in Brussels. She prefers R but other people also use #Python. I don't think she is on Mastodon but maybe it is a good reason to invite her and ask.
@rysiek didn't know you came to #fosdem ... I could stay only for Saturday, unfortunately
@aag they do eventually, speakers need to confirm their talk video to go online first. #fosdem
does #FOSDEM release talk videos? I missed so many due to my partners illness and while slides are nice, video is better (if at all possible)
I could not resist buying this super cute stuffed animal from the #PostgreSQL stand at #FOSDEM. It stands stable on its 4 legs, I expected no less from the Postgres project. :blobaww:
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Hey @hsbxl anything happening tonight? #fosdem
Only 11 days left until "I love #FreeSoftware" day. Get stickers, cards and posters at the @fsfe@twitter.com booth in building K.
Day one of #FOSDEM I haven't managed to go to the talks I wanted to see. I've been in or around K as at any attempt to leave the area I'd meet people I wanted/had to talk to.
Currently we have 3143 IPv4 DHCP clients and 6306 Reachable IPv6 neighbours. So far today we had a peak bandwidth usage of 631Mbps down and 147Mbps up at #fosdem
@conservancy@mastodon.techology The beatification of Bradley is complete. Surely it must be Karen's turn next? :) #fosdem2019 #FOSDEM
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Now, Deb Nicholson on "Blockchain: The Ethical Considerations" (first slide: a man working on a giant strawberry)

(I'm disappointed: this big room - Janson - is not full.)

Mitchell Baker speaking without slides (it seems there is a technical glitch). #FOSDEM
Brussels, where ice creams are sold under snow. #FOSDEM
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Made it to #BSD devroom at #FOSDEM - during the first session was full

Now Luca Pizzamiglio has a really cool talk on automatic building (continuous integration) on #FreeBSD!
Moving towards building K and the BSD devroom soon.

Good morning, snowy Brussels! Despite the dangers https://fosstodon.org/@fosdem/101521776002184981 #FOSDEM starts. Let's now go the "ethics and blockchain" session.
Tram 93 to #FOSDEM campus. Took quite a bit of offline doable work with me. See how WiFi'ing goes this year.
W00t! Extra cafetaria! #fosdem
After a full day of trying to leave the UK, I have given up and cancelled my trip to #FOSDEM. Really annoyed and disappointed, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. Next year 😊
Hello Cologne, it's been a while! Just enjoying a quick break switching trains on my way to #FOSDEM in Brussels. #flyingless #travel
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