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Here's a Link to Let the SCOTUS Know How You Feel about this Stolen Election!


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And here is what my parents wrote to them:
The GOP is gathering abundant evidence of very widespread fraud in this election. I would remind you of Article I, Section I, Clause II of the United States Constitution, which unambiguously leaves the authority to write election laws and select Electors exclusively with State LEGISLATURES. Not governors, not courts, not secretaries of state. In the Pennsylvania case before you, it is clear that the state supreme court (elected and partisan) changed the law over the explicit objections of the state legislature. But since ONLY the state legislature has authority to write the laws, the actions of the Pennsylvania supreme court were illegal and must be nullified. The Democrat party worked for months ahead of time, using the pandemic as an excuse, to make law through bureaucracies and courts, rather than having the existing laws changed legislatively. These changes "allow" late ballots, dismiss lawful signature authentication, and invite criminal fraud.

This illegal corruption of our elections must not be allowed to stand. I adjure you by the Constitution of the United States, which you are sworn to uphold, to do your duty in this vital matter and put a halt to this clearly illegal attempt to undermine the will of the People and the intent of our Founders.

Wir wussten von Anfang an, dass es ein riesiger Schwindel ist. Die meiste Kohle machen sie mit den Testkids.

Bereits im Jahre 2018 exportierte Deutschland Covid-19-Testkids im Wert von über 21 Milliarden Dollar in alle möglichen Länder. Die folgende Seite ist die Weltbank, eine globalistische Organisation wie der IWF, die #WHO oder die #UNO.

COVID-19 Testkits (300215) Exporte nach Ländern im Jahr 2018
Zusätzliche Produktinformationen: Diagnostische Reagenzien auf der Grundlage immunologischer Reaktionen
Kategorie: COVID-19 Testkits/ Instrumente, Geräte für diagnostische Tests

COVID-19 Importe von Testkits nach Land im Jahr 2018: siehe Tabelle


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