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Можно ли загружать на #funkwhale треки, которые охраняются копирайтом? @rf #music
Allright, our new website is now up and running at https://funkwhale.audio/ 🎉 🎉 🎉

It features:

- Cute illustrations drawed by @robin
- Cleaner, mobile-first design
- More accurate and accessible explanations about the project
- A brand new #Funkwhale pod selector
- A brand new "Applications" page listing Funkwhale-compatible apps
- Internationalization-ready content, so we can translate the site in many languages!

Many thanks to testers, proof-readers, designers and everyone who helped!

Ощущаю себя хипстером нормального децентрализованного человека
Calling all #Fediverse admins of instances in the #EU. The #CopyrightDirective is coming, we need to show the MEPs how massively the EU Internets will be affected.

We are preparing a list of all EU-based #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, and any other instances.

Please *contact me*. All I need is the domain name, which EU Member State it's located in, and the rough topic of the instance. Approximate user count welcome, but not necessary.

Please help. This is important.
Печально, но #funkwhale потерял для меня свою прелесть после того как выяснилось, что в этот сервис можно заливать только "свободную" музыку. Мечты о собственной онлайн-фонотеке остались мечтами
Hey, Fediverse! What are some cool #Funkwhale accounts I should be subscribed to?
Give me some suggestions.
А #Funkwhale стримит напрямую или как #Peertube через торрент?
Если через торрент, можно ли скармливать magnet-ссылки в Funkwhale так что этот торрент становится частью аудио-коллекции?

Посетила дикая мысль о добавлении торрентов с музыкой с трекеров так что вся эта коллекция становится доступна в красивом интерфейсе и ещё и сразу без необходимости скачивать.🤔
Let's call it a night! I opened a brand new blog for #Funkwhale using #Plume, the federated blog engine maintained by @Bat

This space will be used to publish important announcements about the project, and you can follow @funkwhale to get updates directly in the fediverse.

The first post is quite a big announcement. TL;DR: I'm leaving my job in novemebr to work full-time on Funkwhale !
Dear #funkwhale #instance owners, have you ever dreamed of theming your instance? Change the fonts? Colors? Layouts?

Well, starting from the next release, you will be able to do that, by using custom or external stylesheets. If you want to try that now, you can follow the instructions here: https://docs.funkwhale.audio/configuration.html#theming

To run the unreleased version of the front, follow the usual instructions (https://docs.funkwhale.audio/installation/index.html#frontend-setup), but replace the version number in the URL with develop :)
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