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whats the most annoying thing in #GNOME? hot in #Reddit ..and we all know how #annoying Reddit can get :))
making #GNOME apps a little bit cuter just by changing colors :)

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Back to Unity on Ubuntu 19.04. I really, really want to use #gnome but bugs make it unworkable. Like:

- Fractional scaling still looks like a hack, makes Firefox, Chromium, Thunderbird blurry to the point of me getting actual headache.
- Possibly related to Wayland and/or fractional scaling screen redraws are choppy and leave artifacts (buggy software rendering?)
- Touchpad loses two finger scrolling after wake up, until full reboot.

Unity is outdated, but at least it's rock solid and *works*.
fresh #Silverblue 30 w #NVIDIA and #GNOME 3.32 ..weirdly everything went super! i will post on my super blog :)

meanwhile #Fedora from the awesome F29 wallpaper went back to the usual craps!! ..Rikka on t he rescue :p
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What's the best #SIP app on #Linux these days, preferable #Gnome/#Gtk but not a hard requirement? Tried #Linphone but while it works quite well on Android it is really buggy on my GNU system and crashes a lot.
#Google Drive-like concept by @snwh@twitter.com


if it wasnt about the speed, i'd love if they forbid disk drives by law, and everything be somewhere (safe!) online

thats the original #bug of #GNOME Files. it stores locally!
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Этот коммент сделал мой день лучше 😀
Also have been thinking, whether it is good idea to try out #Rust for GTK development?

It's like a newer more powerful language with rich toolset and which is afaik in process of adoption in #Gnome community.

Also all the build-time-gc convinces me it is good idea. But I didn't manage out borrowing and wrapping variables though...
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