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State by pixelfed, self hosted health monitoring for your instance. Coming soon! #pixelfed
Every instance ships with its own Help Center.

It's still a work in progress, but we are pretty happy with the feedback we've received! #pixelfed
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@rf, представляешь, у @inhosin, оказывается, есть #pixelfed. Прошу любить и жаловать, @inhosin
Infinite scroll is back! Dark mode will be an option too. #pixelfed
Good Morning! Huge release shipping today! 😁 #pixelfed
Pixelfed Circles are finished! They will be shipping in v0.8.0rc1 tomorrow 🚀 #pixelfed
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:pixelfed: Circles will enable users to have more control over the content they share! I can't wait to ship this feature! #pixelfed #circles
v0.8.0rc1 will be released on Sunday! #pixelfed

Accessibility is important.

Instance admins will be able to enforce media descriptions! #accessibility #pixelfed
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Discover + Dark Mode.

We built a more personalized discover experience without any algorithms or anti-privacy methods. Also dark mode. #pixeldev #pixelfed
Pixelfed Discover with curated …
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#Pixelfed ist noch nicht fertig und fängt schon an anzuzeigende Bilder mit Algorithmen auszuwählen. Das ging im Vergleich zu Instagram doch sehr schnell.
Curated Discover, define categories based on specific hashtags and rules. Shipping soon! #pixelfed
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Pixelfed Labs, a community org and incubator dedicated to:

- build experimental features
- establish working groups to improve the core project (ie: Abuse Prevention, Accessibility, Privacy, Youth Safety, Dark Pattern Prevention)
- make contributing easier

Launching in March! #pixelfed
Sneak peak of the new admin dashboard shipping in v0.8.0! #pixelfed
We are aware that some instances may block mastodon.social.

You can follow our dev account for updates @pixeldev #pixelfed
Privacy and Safety are not features, they are expectations. We want to make :pixelfed: an enjoyable experience for everyone.

We will be rolling out new privacy/safety features in v0.8.0! #pixelfed
Admins will be able to edit almost every page in the admin dashboard! #pixelfed
v0.8.0 will be one of the biggest releases yet. We hope to release it this week.

We will dedicate v0.9.0 to community feedback and feature requests before the big v1.0 release due in the summer! #pixelfed
Updated search with remote status/profile fetching will be shipping in v0.8.0. 😁 #pixelfed
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Comments/replies are starting to look decent. #pixelfed
Sometimes you might want to mute or disable comments/replies. Shipping in v0.9.0 🚀#pixelfed
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Seeing the video demos of #PixelFed / @pixelfed is def inspiring. If pictures tell a thousand words, then videos are a book in themselves!
Seeing the video demos of #PixelFed is def inspiring. If pictures tell a thousand words, then videos are a book in themselves!
MicroUI will be shipping in v0.8.0 next week.

It does support rich text posts but they will not be visible on the Classic UI, only the MicroUI. #pixelfed #microUI
Instagram/Tumblr Import will launch in v0.9.0 too! #pixelfed
Inspired by Twitter, we took our data export tool to the next level. It will be shipping in v0.9.0! 🚀#pixelfed
Hi #pixelfed people (and reviewers in particular)

Can you please make sure the image description federation bug is being handled soon?!

There are already pull requests dealing with the issue, this shouldn't take so long. https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/pull/767

It should be more of a priority than adding dozens of new features. Federation without image description federation is just broken.


:pixelfed: Admin Dashboard will make it easy to manage an instance. Shipping soon! 🚀 #pixelfed
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Just learned of @pixelfed today, to Instagram as Mastodon is to Twitter: https://pixelfed.social/

Created an account and it's awesome how polished it is. Anyone know if there is a mobile app available? #pixelfed
:pixelfed: Profile Grid or List Mode, shipping in v0.8.0! #pixelfed 🚀
The :pixelfed: Discover feature has been overhauled and will be a lot more useful in v0.8.0! #pixelfed #discover
Good bye instagram I think I will start a pixelfed instance instead #instagram #pixelfed
На третий год* настало время для #introduction.

Темы которые я слежу:
#fediverse #pixelfed #peertube #misskey #hubzilla
#p2p #aether #scuttlebutt #torrent #infohash
#wire #briar #deltachat #signal #telegram
#cycling #argames #deltat

* Округлено вверх до целого календарного года.
** Будет неоднократно поправляться. Версия 1. То что вспомнилось за несколько минут.
We will be testing :pixelfed: Stories next week.

We can't wait to bring ephemeral content to the fediverse!

#pixelfed #fediverse #pixelfedStories
The nice thing about pixelfed not having an official mobile app is that each app is treated equally.

We have no incentive to limit developers, in fact working with them to bring unique and exciting experiences to users is in our best interest. #pixelfed
Pixelfed Collections are like Twitter Moments, allowing you to easily share a collection of posts (local or remote)! :pixelfed: #pixelfed
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We are working hard on federation bug fixes, UI updates and mobile apps support.

Can't wait to get back to new feature development.

We have Circles, Collections, IG Import, Live Stories, Micro UI, Real time updates, Stories and Tumblr Import to finish up!

2019 will be a great year for pixelfed. 😄 #pixelfed
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