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На грани входа в #pixelfed. Обдумываю детали регистрации. „Представительная рожа“ уже готова.
This is our current federation roadmap.

I've been working on Phase 2 for a week already and I'd like to get it out this week if possible! #pixelfed
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So many exciting UI updates!

- New Metro Profile layout
- Updated Dark Mode
- New Collections layout
- Updated Moment Profile layout
- Updated ComposeUI
- Direct Messages
- Remote Follows

They will be shipped in v0.10.1! #pixelfed
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Official Pixelfed Merch, dropping soon! #pixelfed
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MomentUI was designed for flickr and 500px users.

We're updating the ComposeUI and MomentUI to allow users to edit photos, display EXIF data and geotag photos.

New Collections layout will be shipping tomorrow!

#pixelfed #collections
It will be a good weekend! 😁 🚀

#pixelfed #federation
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Всё ближе тот час, когда заведу учётку в #pixelfed. И #пофиг, что из фотооборудования пока только древний Coolpix L22 да штатив. ;-)

Но о камере с матрицей побольше я давно думаю. Конкурирует с этим только #гравийник. Зеркалка, увы, не для дальних поездок на полной выкладке (#вело #мысли), но компактам не хватает динамического диапазона #ИзКоробки. Также важны полуавтоматические режимы: приоритеты выдержки и диафрагмы - а также возможность управления яркостью вспышки.
Direct Messages, shipping soon! #pixelfed
The ComposeUI is being updated to support Circles, Collections, and Stories.

It will be shipping with Direct Messages and full federation support.

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We've updated user blocks to prevent local accounts you blocked from commenting on your posts.

We haven't given MomentUI the attention it deserves, will be shipping some improvements this evening! #pixelfed #MomentUI
Testing remote follows #pixelfed
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I have re-opened registration for 1 hour. #pixelfed

Collections are shipped, Circles are next.

#pixelfed #circles
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Pixelfed hid like counts then a few weeks later Instagram did.

Pixelfed allows you to hide comments, Twitter is starting to experiment with that too.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot more experiments to ship that will further improve platform privacy, safety and security! #pixelfed #pixelfedLabs
Before we ship the Collections feature, we want your feedback!

Does the flow of composing a new collection make sense? What could we do to improve it?

Thanks in advance, boosts appreciated! #pixelfed
Collections - A curated group of photos/videos/albums.

Shipping soon! #pixelfed #collections
You can now add Patreon, Liberapay and OpenCollective links to your profile!

Example: https://pixelfed.social/dansup


I love that there is a RSS icon to click & use on the pixelfed profiles!

#pixelfed #mastodon #instagram
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You can now follow hashtags! 🎉

Instance admins can also make hashtag pages public:

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Now IG has a restrict feature that may be helpful to deal with bullying or harassment. How will @pixelfed deal with this?

I'm more excited about using #pixelfed circle feature so that content are restricted to different groups of people
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Our reaction to Gab joining the fediverse:

- Blocked Gab domains

- Added Community Guidelines https://pixelfed.social/site/kb/community-guidelines

- Added user level domain blocks

- Added CW to comments

Fascists and Nazis can h*ck right off and are NOT welcome on our platform. #pixelfed
Follow a hashtag. Shipping soon! #pixelfed #hashtags
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We now have a changelog and contribution guide! #pixelfed


Lots of fediverse projects start with the letter P!

Pantheon - https://github.com/TGNThump/Pantheon

PeerPx - https://github.com/peerpx/peerpx

PeerTube - https://joinpeertube.org

Pixelfed - https://pixelfed.org

Pleroma - https://pleroma.social

Plume - https://joinplu.me

Pterotype - https://getpterotype.com

Pubcast - https://github.com/pubcast/pubcast

Pubgate - https://github.com/autogestion/pubgate

#activityPub #fediverse #Pantheon #PeerPx #PeerTube #Pixelfed #Pleroma #Plume #Pterotype #Pubcast #Pubgate
Community Guidelines is the newest Help Center page that will be shipping later today.

Inspired by the mastodon.social Code of Conduct, instance admins will be able to easily edit it from the admin dashboard!

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You might notice a new set of options when making your account private.

Our commitment to platform privacy, safety and security remains a top priority and we are proud to offer some of the best safety tools in the fediverse.

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@okpierre Yes, we call those Circles and they are planned for a future version!
@pixelfed bulk curate for #pixelfed is definitely a nice touch but to improve #privacy even more, would love to see the ability for only certain followers to view certain posts.

Followers can include family and friends. Some family photos should not be viewable by ALL friends and vice versa.

Hope that makes sense
Making your account private will soon provide you with the ability to bulk curate followers and disable follow requests and notifications.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve this further let us know!

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Did you know you can disable comments on your Pixelfed Posts?

#pixelfed #safety
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I've been testing Pixelfed Stories with a few people who only use FB/IG/Snap.

They love it, and I know its not a native app yet but the mobile web UI is pretty decent.

Ephemeral follower-only content will be huge for the fediverse.

#pixelfed #pixeldev #soon
Boosts from Pixelfed accounts you follow are now federated!

Direct Messages, Remote Following and the Network Timeline will be released very soon 😁

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Pixelfed likes and shares/boosts now federate! #pixelfed
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Did you know Pixelfed has a Simple Mode for Timelines?

You can enable it in Settings -> Labs on supported instances. #pixelfed
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We will be banning Gab domains in the next version (v0.9.5) due for release in the next few days.

We are organizing our first working groups to tackle Abuse Prevention and Youth Safety on Pixelfed.

Will be announcing more in the next few days!

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed #safety
v0.9.5 major updates:

- Photo improvements (filters + alt tags)
- Admin dashboard updates
- User settings updates
- Video support + Loops updates
- Discover updates
- Bulk manage followers/following
- Contact form/page
- CW Comments
- Admin Custom Page Editor
- Admin Configuration Editor
- Performance improvements
- Remote Following
- Remote posts (search, like, share, comment, report)

and more! #pixelfed
Full federation timeline:

v0.9.5 - Remote follows, remote posts in home timeline (ETA: ~1 day)

v0.9.6 - Shared inbox, profile refetching, bug fixes (ETA: ~1 week)

v0.9.7 - Network timeline (ETA: ready now)

v0.9.8 - Direct Messages (ETA: ready now)

v0.9.9 - Bug fixes and TBA features

Keep in mind that opt-in federation updates in v0.9.5 will be extremely experimental.

Enabling the federation experiments is not recommended for production instances until v0.9.6 or later.

We have added warnings to comments that may contain sensitive content.

You can see an example on this post https://pixelfed.social/p/PixelFed/16974 #pixelfed
Hello folks!

We're going to be releasing a new experiment to help improve platform safety and reduce spam and malicious content ahead of the full federation release.

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed #safety
@andi Please join the #pixelfed irc channel on freenode!
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