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@andi Please join the #pixelfed irc channel on freenode!
✅ Easy Installation

✅ Powerful Admin Dashboard

✅ One click updates

Shipping in v0.9.5 with Remote Follows!

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The Pixelfed Installer is almost ready!

Shipping soon 🚀 #pixelfed
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The big federation update will include some Settings improvements:

- Accessibility Settings

- Invites

- Moved Disable/Delete Account to Security Settings

- Bulk manage relationships (followers/following)

- Email Settings (opt-in to email notifications)

- Developer Settings (Apps, Tokens)

- Improved Privacy Settings

and more! #pixelfed
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We have a few new experiments to announce after v0.9.5 is released!

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed
Federated Home Timeline Preview

Shipping in v0.9.5 which will be released this week! 🚀

Pull Request: https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/pull/1388

#pixelfed #federation
Bulk manage account relationships.

Shipping with Remote Following in v0.9.5! 🚀 #pixelfed
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Just a reminder, the pixelfed dev branch gets deployed to pixelfed.social within minutes of PRs getting merged.

If you are having issues setting up an instance, please join the #pixelfed channel on freenode and I will do my best to help you figure it out!
Сегодня подняли ноду PixelFed для пользователей #CalculateLinux по адресу https://pix.calculate.social
Похоже что это первая Российская нода ;)
Регистрацию будем делать через основной сайт.
#PixelFed это платформа совместного использования изображений, основанная на протоколе #ActivityPub, аналог #Instagram.
The PR that will bring Remote Follows to Pixelfed!


#pixelfed #federation #WIP
Experimenting with 3 columns. #pixelfed
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⚠️ Federation Update ⚠️

We have been testing remote follows and will be releasing a huge update very soon.

You will be able to remote follow a supported account (Pixelfed, Pleroma, Mastodon) on another instance. You will see remote posts in your Home Timeline.

The Network Timeline and support for other ActivityPub implementations will follow.

(If you run an instance, please update to the latest commits)

#pixelfed #federation
We have removed following/follower ActivityPub collections.

We found no use for it in pixelfed to pixelfed federation. #privacy #pixelfed
Есть непреодолимое желание поднять #pixelfed для пользователей кальки. Это сервис публикации фотографий подобно #instagram, но входящий в #fediverse. Несмотря на то, что мобильного клиента пока нет и пользоваться приходится браузером, сервис стремительно набирает популярность.
We are considering a Kickstarter campaign to sustain full time development of Pixelfed for another year! #pixelfed
The Loops Beta has been released!

We will be shipping more updates during this week.


#pixelfed #Loops
⚠️Our New Website is Live! 🚀


The new https://pixelfed.org design will be shipping this weekend!

Landing pages of Pixelfed instances are being redesigned too.

Just launched a #pixelfed instance! I’d love for all you lovelies to join.

We’ll ❤️ each others pictures and it’ll be super great 🤗

*Boost Please*
If anyone is interested, I created an open instance of #pixelfed at https://pixelfed.life
If you’d like to follow me I’m at https://pixelfed.life/jeannie
Circles are being integrated into Group Direct Messages and a new Circle Timeline view

Collections will bring a new tab and layout to profiles (MetroUI + MomentUI)

Loops == Video support, enabling a rich new medium for creators and the fediverse

Stories will be released in a local-only beta, bringing a new dimension to Pixelfed and later the fediverse.

⚠️ Federation Status Update ⚠️

We are putting the finishing touches on improved Notifications, Direct Messages and video support (Loops).

Once those are released, we will start testing full federation support on our staging instance!

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Instagram alternative #PixelFed's flagship instance pixelfed.social is now permanently closed to new registrations in order to prevent centralisation.

You can still sign up to PixelFed, just pick another instance.

Here are some we'd recommend:


You can find more at:

PixelFed instances federate with the Fediverse, so you can follow PF accounts from Mastodon etc.

#Alternatives #DeleteInstagram
I did it for the Loops

#pixelfed #Loops
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Anyone remember Vine?

Our next experiment is called Loops and we can't wait to release the beta.

#pixelfed #pixelfedLabs
I want to make it clear that my Pixelfed Lens app is not the official Pixelfed mobile app.

An "official mobile app" goes against everything the project represents. #pixelfed
I started working on a :pixelfed: mobile app.

The code name is Lens and I look forward to releasing the beta this summer! #pixelfed #lens
Every camera needs a lens.

#android #iOS #pixelfed #soon
Full screenshot of a :pixelfed: Direct conversation! #pixeldev #pixelfed
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Notifications have been refactored to include more context and a CTA button.

Direct Messages have been redesigned and work for local users (federation support will follow shortly after)

Following Activity has been finished, it allows you to see non-timeline activities of the accounts you follow.

These 3 huge updates will ship in the next version of pixelfed!

#pixelfed #pixelfedszn
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Pixelfed Direct - Conversational Direct Messages with a lot of potential. #shippingSoon #pixelfed #direct
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Improved Notifications and Direct Messages will be shipping soon! #pixelfed
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Should comments/replies in Pixelfed be chronological or ranked by like count/replies?

- Chronological Comments
- Ranked Comments

(Reply with your choice if your client doesn't support polls.)

#pixelfed #poll

[ ] Chronological Comments
[ ] Ranked Comments
So many exciting things to release!

- New https://pixelfed.org
- v0.10 (Collections + Federation)
- Continuity (Compose new posts across devices)
- Direct (Messages)
- Documentation
- Easy Install
- MomentUI updates
- Blog Posts
- Project Delta (Instance Picker)
- New @PixelfedLabs experiments
- Stories Beta (Non-federated ephemeral posts, will federate after beta)

Only a few sections to finish and I can release the new https://pixelfed.org website! 😁 #pixelfed
New https://pixelfed.org design is starting to come together 😁
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Introducing Simple Mode for Timelines, an experimental content-first timeline layout!

This experiment is already live on one instance, we look forward to your feedback! #pixelfed #pixelfedLabs
Which feature are you most excited about?

- Circles
- Collections
- MomentUI/Dark Mode
- Stories

If you can't see the poll, reply to this toot with your choice!

We need to know what to focus on after full federation & mobile app support is released!

#pixelfed #poll

[ ] Circles
[ ] Collections
[ ] MomentUI/Dark Mode
[ ] Stories
Discovery is important, @PixelfedLabs is testing Profile Suggestions in Timelines with an easy opt-out method.

To be included in Suggestions, you have to opt-in and they are displayed in Timelines as opt-out.

We look forward to your feedback on this experiment to help us decide if we should make it a feature. #pixelfed #pixelfedLabs
We have added the Profile Suggestions Experiment to Timelines, we look forward to your feedback!

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed
meanwhile, on the openhub.net…
@pixelfed #openhub #pixelfed
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🔬 New Experiment Alert! 👩‍🔬

To prepare for full federation support, we are testing improved Notifications. You may notice they load a lot faster on instances participating in this experiment!

This experiment will pave the way for network timelines, mobile apps and real time updates for instances of any size! #pixelfedLabs #pixelfed
[PSA]We have pushed a new experiment and also removed Recaptcha from pixelfed. If you encounter errors during updating, run the following commands:

rm -rf bootstrap/cache/*
composer dump-autoload
php artisan config:cache
php artisan route:cache

#pixelfed #pixeldev #pixelfedLabs
Our new Profile Suggestions experiment is live!

Some things to note:

- Only accounts that have opted-in will be included in suggestions

- If you mute or block an account, they will not be included in your suggestions

- Suggestions are cached (remembered) for 5 minutes or until you follow/block/mute an account

- The suggestions are randomized for now, in the future they will be more relevant in a privacy friendly way.

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed
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Created a new settings page for experimental features. It will be shipping in v0.9.2!

#pixeldev #pixelfedLabs #pixelfed
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Collections are coming in the next version (v0.10)!

Collections are inspired by Twitter Moments, allowing you to curate a list of any federated posts. We can't wait to ship this 😁

#pixelfed #Collections
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We will be conducting a new experiment this weekend, Profile Suggestions!

The suggestion results are random, since we do not use Machine Learning or track every interaction. We look forward to the feedback and hope the experiment graduates into a opt-in feature.

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed #pixeldev
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