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Last update (for now?) on the loadaverage.org thing... link for reference

Update: The notice at the bottom now says... "CC-BY-3.0 All LoadAverage content and data are available under the CC-BY-3.0 license." so... huzzah! The rest below is historical.

I guess their solution, rather than to fix the copyright notice, was to just block my account. I'd call it a compromise if the admin hadn't posted an excerpt of the complaint I sent to their provider in private to their instance. I figured I'd mention it since that cat is already out of the bag.

If I'd had a way on their pages (or registration) to find out who to contact, believe me I would have. Other content is still getting the CC license they use put on it so if you're upset about this, complain to xrevan86, who is apparently the admin.
This is just creepy: https://loadaverage.org/user/434306

I get that my toots are public, and I might be missing something about how this works; it just looks as though I actually have an account there and use their service. That's just not the case.

At the bottom they say all the content is under a creative commons license and IANAL, but I'm pretty sure they don't get to reassign license like that. #admins
This is a drum I keep beating: It's key to watch and be ready to counter the #Gab launch into the #fediverse July 4.

Here is where they think they will be at launch. Important that they still say there will be Apps supporting them in the App stores and a list is coming.

I'm sure none of this is news to most but wanted to keep an eye on it and share to #admins and to #Mastodon App developers. cc: @tootapp @tootleapp @JPEG @pixelfed @Gargron @Tusky
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@1iceloops123 @mangeurdenuage MariaDB 10.2 broke it (the EmailRegistration plugin in particular), fixed now. Expect the fix in @diogo's upstream soon.
For !admins of !gnusocial: if on MariaDB 10.2 or later, update the confirm_address schema.
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