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Eva: a distributed database-system implementing an entity-attribute-value data-model that is time-aware, accumulative, and atomically consistent.
#Clojure gets this right out of the box :)
I don't know if I'm happy with this but I made some #Clojure code that calls a #Java class I made that calls some #C native library on my system.

This is getting more serious than I wanted.

I have to write about this in my blog or something.
  • Content warning: recruiting programmers


Really interesting talk by Eric Normand addresses some of the issues I had. #clojure


I don't really think I'm going to implement the solutions he proposes because my code is often fast and dirty, but it's good for those projects than finally need some real code.
Once again, our new #clojure hire is productive in a couple of weeks. He came in with no Clojure experience (but some Haskell). Hate to harp on about it, but the idea that you can’t find devs or that Clojure is hard to learn is just rubbish if your company is in a city or you have remote workers.
#Programming languages I know (for various definitions of “know”) by decade of invention:

10s: #Rust, #Elixir, #Crystal
00s: #Clojure
90s: #Ruby, #Python, #JavaScript
80s: #Perl
70s: #C, #Scheme
60s: #BASIC
50s: (none)

Is there a language from the fifties worth learning?
TIL about transducers in #Clojure. Pretty different to the way I usually do things in #Ruby or #Python... Never thought about transforming a reducer, basically building complex logic from simple "building block" reducers.
One of the major issue with widespread #Clojure adoption is probably libraries: many of them are old, abandoned (or feel like it), most of them never reach "1.0.0" or whatever.

The fact is that one of the major strengths of Clojure is the fact that even noobs can open libraries' code, understand most of it and modify/contribute to it pretty easily.

Hell, I contributed/modified more Clojure code in 9-12 months than since I started coding 7 years ago...
I just realized I never did an #introduction... So here we go!

My jams:

- #rust, #python, #clojure, #programming
- #gnu, #linux, #emacs, #orgmode
- #freesoftware, #hacker stuff
- #music, lots of weird music
- #politics, the one to the left
- #physics
And suddenly #Clojure blew up. On the internet. Everywhere.
Rich Hickey: "Open source is a no-strings-attached gift, and all participants should recognize it as such."


#opensource #clojure #rant
@yogthos that would've been handy for my #clojure deployment pipeline… if it wasn't discontinued a few weeks ago :-(
"In RPython you don't write JITs, you write *hints for the JIT generator that generates a JIT for you*"

(This is about Pixie, a #Clojure-inspired lisp implemented in RPython.)

idiomatic #Clojure Docker client
@ekaitz_zarraga which is probably a sign that the author has to rethink and simplify their data model :-)

I do find that #Clojure encourages smaller functions, and it's probably not in the least caused by the ugliness of nested `let`s. And this is a good thing!
I have to say often I think #Clojure code is quite difficult to understand with a fast view.

It's like it's very very very dependent of the data model and if you don't choose wisely it goes crazy and you have to mix many things.
Many times you end up using Let like crazy and that's not the way of solving this kind of problems...

More functions! More abstraction! MOAAAAAAAAAAAR!
@yogthos @cbowdon yep, I joined today :-) Although my immediate question resolved itself, still I pick up useful stuff by simply monitoring #beginners and #clojure :-)
More general #clojure question: what is a good place to drop in and ask about idiomatic ways to solve common problems?

StackOverflow? IRC?
#clojure question: I have a .yaml file where I want to put placeholders and replace them with some concrete strings from a map. What's the recommended way to do it?

(I've found `selmer`, and it works, but I don't really need all the HTML handling story. And more lightweight options?)
As of right now I am officially coding in #clojure at work! Tentatively, experimentally, but still!

(I'm creating a deployment pipeline using lambda.cd)

Hello toot.cafe! I'm moving here from the mastodon.social instance.

Anyway, I'll probably mostly write about #Programming (mostly #WebDevelopment, #Ruby, #Python, #Clojure, #Elixir, sometimes #JavaScript).

I also enjoy #SciFi, #Fantasy, #ComicBooks and #LEGO.

I hope to make some friends here!
Dear Lazyverse! Anyone tried http://www.lambda.cd for some real work? What's your impression?

#ci #devops #clojure
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