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#followfriday @selfcare - дохуя полезный генератор одноклеточных советов, которые помогут справиться с дохуя сложной жизнью.
"Take a small break from the screen" - и что делать? мило пиздеть с кем-то о хуйне?
"Get enough rest tonight" - когда блять, если надо успеть хотя бы помыться перед 5-часовым сном.
"Take a nice bath" - ах вот чего мне не хватало, спасибо за совет, возьму с собой бритву блять
Хоть бы раз написал совет типа: "Пошли этого мудака нахуй", "устрой революцию" или всё такое.
The week is almost over, thank goodness, so it's time for #FollowFriday 🍹

💻 @elementary Elementary OS: Linux version aimed at non-technical users

🔒 @gcluley Graham Cluley: privacy and info security journalist

📱 @fdroidorg F-Droid: Free open alternative to Google Play (installation instructions: https://switching.social/ethical-alternatives-to-google-play/ )

🖼️ @pixelfed PixelFed: Federated alternative to Instagram

🇫🇷 @TV5Monde TV5 Monde: Largest global French-language TV network

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Ethical alternatives to Google Play
Happy Easter! 🐣 🐰 🗿

Time for another #FollowFriday:

👀 @OCRbot OCRbot: Converts fediverse images into text

📝 @writefreelyhost Write Freely Host: Managed hosting for @writefreely, the open federated alternative to Medium

📚 @kiwix Kiwix: App that lets you view and search Wikipedia, StackExchange etc. entirely offline.

✍️ @WritingPrompts Writing Prompts: Story ideas for writers

:blobwizard: @rpginabox RPG in a Box: Voxel-based RPG creator

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It's Follow Friday! #ff #followFriday

@ansuz - Creator of @cryptpad, an awesome open source encrypted alternative to Google Docs!

@tom79 - Fedilab developer who is adding first class pixelfed support to the mobile app!

@Curator - Curator/Admin of https://mastodon.art, a great instance for artists of the fediverse!

@switchingsocial - An amazing collection of ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives
В этих наших Мастодонах появилась ещё одна (из немногочисленных) приличных дам. Приятно. Устраивайтесь, @lissenuru :) #followfriday
#FF #followfriday

@vrunt he's full of ideas

@pisselatedboat yep, it's a boat, ship full of lies

@cypnk cool cyberpunky stuff

@janellecshane neural networks have a sense of humor too. Who knew, right?

@OCCRP they're reporting on corruption and organized crime. Investigative journalism.

Let's show them some love!
Some more #Alternatives to follow on #FollowFriday:

@lib_reviews Lib.reviews: Building an open alternative to Yelp

@pixelfed PixelFed: Ethical alternative to Instagram, launching very soon

@mhall119 GetTogether: Account of the lead developer on an alternative to MeetUp.com

@openstreetmap OpenStreetMap: The open source mapping project, mirrored on the OSM English instance 🗺️

@inventaire Inventaire: An open source book exchange site, you make new friends and lend each other books 📚

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