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After Prof. Streeck, Director of the Institute of Virology in Bonn, raised clear doubts about the infectivity of Corona on DDR2 a few days ago, and because beautiful spring weather was threatening this weekend, the propaganda machinery quickly had to add another one:

"More infectious than expected: Coronavirus can be transmitted by breathing.

Many physicians have so far assumed that the coronavirus is particularly contagious when sneezing or coughing. However, new research results now suggest that pathogens can be released into the air as soon as you breathe out - and healthy people inhale them. Oral and nasal protectors could prevent this."

The propaganda center for the panic media is announcing Corona is worse than we thought! Just like every day.

But the question is: How long can this absurd increase continue?

Yesterday Corona transmitted itself by spitting, today suddenly through the air and tomorrow? Possibly by eye contact? 🤣

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Do you know if an unpaid talk about technology and culture is counted as a copyright exception in Germany? I'm struggling to find good illustrations for what I'll be talking about on Creative Commons only.

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Kleiner Nachtrag von Ende 2018: Lichter vom Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg .

Der Lichterschirm ist übrigens Marke Eigenbau 😂 das Model auch 😉 #photography #model #germany #citylights #loveWhatyouDo
Изображение / Фото
Just for the reason that Bryan Lunduke got an acc. on the fediverse:

He takes part in criminalizing #riseup and their supporters.
This has real life consequenses such as the house raids happend in #germany today.

Just via #patreon #Lunduke earns +4500$ per month.

#BrianLunduke is not the nice guy he might believe by themself.

Support #Ziebelfreunde, #riseup, #tor or @qbi Instead of Bryan Lunduke.
Изображение / Фото
Изображение / Фото
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