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I love it how in Unix the distinction between "a programmer" and "a system administrator" is kind of a false dichotomy.
It is programmable, through and through. It was designed to be like that from the very start. "Everything is a file" philosophy + universal interfaces like pipes and text + ability to program the system shell (and not just write list pf commands type scripts, but use loops and conditions and variables and functions - which is more than enough to call it programming) means that you can manipulate the system and data in it automatically at almost any level and the integration is easy. It's pretty amazing. #ilovefs

It's a bummer though that we didn't go completely through with it, and didn't apply this concept more deeply like Plan9 did.
@kattascha Firefox, Emacs, keybase and FreeBSD :emacs: :firefox: :freebsd: :mastodon: :opensource: #ilovefs
Поздравляем всех с днём "Я люблю Free Software" (I love Free Software).

Это прекрасный день, чтобы рассказать всем, что ты используешь свободное ПО.


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I love Free Software 💕 #ilovefs

Thanks for Mastodon :mastodon: , Fedora :fedora: , VLC, Python :python: , Linux, Yunohost, Dotclear, Libre Office, Firefox :firefox: , Etar, Nexcloud :nextcloud: , OpenStreetMap, @fdroidorg , @mastalab , @Tusky , Bitwarden, OsmAnd, New Pipe :youtube: , Slimsocial , DAVx5,...

Et toutes les personnes qui contribuent aux logiciels libres
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Thanks to all #FreeSoftware developers, translators, designers, testers, and of course users! You give us the freedom to control our technology. You are awesome! #ilovefs
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Be part of #ilovefs!

It doesn't matter who and where you are or what your background is – everyone can participate in the "I love Free Software".

Show your appreciation publicly using social networks or your blog to demonstrate to the world how many people love Free Software – and thereby motivate others to do the same.

Happy "I love Free Software" Day everyone!

More on the campaign:

Free visuals:

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Happy #ilovefs Day! I want to thank Signal for providing an alternative to WhatsApp. What is your favourite Free Software? 🥰🎈😍
Only 11 days left until "I love #FreeSoftware" day. Get stickers, cards and posters at the @fsfe@twitter.com booth in building K.
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