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Ladies, gentlemen, other lifeforms, welcome to my little corner of the virtual world. I come to social media for light escapism and to connect with cool people, so you will find my funny little observations and hopefully decent attempts at humor. I love all sorts of music, sing all the time, and generally be fun and crazy whenever possible. I can be a little Ronchi, but nothing terribly over the top. So, if you feel so inclined, let’s build some awesome friendships.
#introduction Hi everyone! My name is Kim Kennedy and I am the Digital Production Coordinator at Northeastern University Library in Boston! I'm interested in digital preservation, A/V materials, digitization, metadata, and copyright. So excited to learn from you all!

This is my art account. Follow @gunner for my other shenanigans.

I began creating artwork prolifically in early 2011, after the death of my four year old son, Gabriel as a way to deal with the grief; before that, I was mostly obsessed with code, mathematics, and computer systems in general.

I have had shows in America, Mexico, and Italy; as well as participating in collective shows worldwide in more countries than I can name here.

My main medium is identity.
hello mastodon!

we now have an official mastodon account to keep you updated about the most recent development on sn0int, the only #osint framework that comes with a package manger.


We have some bigger features in the pipeline, stay tuned!

#introduction #infosec #security #privacy #opensource #rustlang
Изображение / Фото
На третий год* настало время для #introduction.

Мои темы:
#peertube #pixelfed #hubzilla #misskey
#retroshare #p2p #aether #ssb #scuttlebutt #torrent #infohash
#wire #briar #deltachat

* Округлено вверх до целого календарного года.
** Будет неоднократно поправляться. Версия 1.2
На третий год* настало время для #introduction.

Темы которые я гляжу:
#fediverse #pixelfed #peertube #misskey #hubzilla
#p2p #aether #ssb #scuttlebutt
#wire #briar #deltachat #signal #telegram
#torrent #infohash
#cycling #argames

* Округлено вверх до целого календарного года.
** Будет неоднократно поправляться. Версия 1.1
Hello new follows! #introduction

I write books.

Tech books cover OpenBSD, FreeBSD, networking, sudo, PGP, DNSSEC, ZFS, SSH, ed(1), etc.

Novels include "Immortal Clay," or Carpenter's _Thing_ but after we lose; "Butterfly Stomp Waltz," a globe-trotting heisty thriller; and "git commit murder," if Agatha Christie ran Unix cons.

Most popular book: systemd erotica! https://mwl.io/fiction/romance#sbs

:guillotine: :flan_stick: is a complete and sufficient answer to any impertinent question.

Michael Warren Lucas: Romance


Hello! I'm Thomas, (he/him) a tiny #Irish boi living in/around #Dublin
I will talk about anything and everything (yes even that you dirty minded bastard)

But my particular interests are #socialism #anarchism #communism #writing #games #films #books #music and #tech

I write (both poetry and prose), code, occasionally make music and really just whatever else I feel like doing

Please follow me for my once a fortnight update on how I still refuse to play Fortnite and about how the tightness of my jeans reminds me of my poor dietary choices
Hi 👋
My Name is Jan.
I'm a fellow carbon-based lifeform from Flensburg, Germany.

I have just moved my fediverse activity from m.s to this instance, as I'm active in the Chaos community anyway (Chaostreff Flensburg).

Nice meeting you all. 👾
I need a void that shouts back

In the final few stages of preparing for oscp/crest certifications, after years of (serious) playing with/studying a broader range of relevant computer tech than seems to be needed for the oscp at least.

I'm not a fan of mainstream social media, or the direction the web generally seems to have headed in over the last several years, so hoping for something a bit different here!
#introductions #introduction

I am willtochaos, and despite the unsettling name I enjoy and promote sensible order. I like to ask questions and challenge assumptions in a rather annoying and socratic manner. To date, no one has offered me hemlock, so I figure I'll just keep doing it. Will make minute distinctions between concepts for food.

I am new to SDF, and am planning to run a gopherhole containing works of classical philosophy in the public domain.

My other account is at @willtochaos .
Hey Queens, im token gay™ and im a homestuck from Tumblr. #Homestucks #introduction
#introduction hey I'm Sam, a 23-year-old translator. i'm interested in anything that will fill the void that is my heart. capitalism is shit and dogs are a blessing

Hi everybody. New here. Looking forward to hanging out with my comrades. I have a passion for using data and code to fight climate change and expose the absurdity of late capitalism. #gay #Tumblr refugee
#introduction time!

Hey! I'm a #musician and sound artist. Never really felt comfortable on social media due to stuff but #federation is 🔥 so.... When I have executive function I'm hacking on my #eurorack or trying to make something absurd into a reality. Otherwise I'm listening to Friends at the Table and trying to get by while #brown and #transfem and #neurodivergent. This takes a lot of effort. Weirdly. Anyways hi let's be friends.

Hi Mastodonians! My name is Mia. I'm from Virginia, USA and I am a G+ refugee making my #introduction. 😃
I am in love with the #Moon and stars, #art , amateur #photography, #nature, psychology, every day humor and spreading positive/ inspirational vibes in this world of bad juju.
My #dogs are the 2 best people
I know. 💓
Good to be here! Thanks for reading.
hello new friends. I found out about mastodon through tumblr, though I'm not sure how much I'll be here or there. social media is giving me a headache.

I'm a fairly recent college grad with a linguistics degree, in between job situations at the moment, and in my spare time I love listening to/playing/collecting music (I play multiple instruments and am trying to start a solo project!), doing crafty things, and hanging out with my pet rats. let's be friends ❤️#introduction
hey there. #introduction

avia. postgrad medievalist interested primarily in the ASTt & pre-xian near-arctic, but that's sure not stopping me from yelling about eddukvæði all day. tertiary interest in the aurignacian EEMH tradition.

i'm blind/VI & a GED-carrying member of the criminalized underclass, so academia can be kind of a weird place for me. i also do harm reduction & decrim activism. for fun, i spin, weave, & nålebind; i have a wife & a cat.
I just realized I never did an #introduction... So here we go!

My jams:

- #rust, #python, #clojure, #programming
- #gnu, #linux, #emacs, #orgmode
- #freesoftware, #hacker stuff
- #music, lots of weird music
- #politics, the one to the left
- #physics
We are the Transnational Institute. An international research organisation founded in 1974. We work with activists, scholars and policy makers. We mainly work on topics like corporate power, agrarian and environmental justice, international drug law, alternative approaches to essential public services, trade and investment, and war and pacification studies.

More information about us at https://www.tni.org/en/transnational-institute

We used to be on darksocial.party before it went down.

#introduction #introductions
Hi, I'm Lucy :3
I'm a trans queer dyke and a socialist/anarchist (of some leaning, not entirely sure yet), and I guess I'm just slightly sick of Twitter's shit and wanted to try out this cool space, I guess???
Hi, my name is Johannes!

I'm a non-binary ace studying computer science, but I'm also highly interested in the social sciences.
Politically I lean towards libertarian socialism and consider myself a humanist.

Hobby wise I contribute and maintain free software, I do photography from time to time, I speedrun and collect video game soundtracks.

I'll post a lot about politics and technology and how the two intersect. When I'm on another nerdic outburst of mine - you'll see that here too. If you are interested in my gaming stuff, I have a dedicated account for that: @hay.

#introduction #introductions
#friendlyfriday #introduction

Howdy folks, I'm Lewis
Been on #mastodon for a good few years, but always nice to introduce oneself to folks 😉

I do #music & #games plus create tutorials for #gamedev & other computer tomfoolery.
Draw with pencil, pen, vector, pixel & more recently learning frame by frame animation

I've a #patreon to help me keep things running but I'm terrible at marketing myself 😋

Also in a big #gay relationship with someone I nickname 'lema'. We live together

Hi, my name's Mathew Eide, I'm finally migrating over here from Twitter in case I get bored or banned.

I'm a freelance graphic designer, film editor, music producer and a lot of other things, basically just trying to afford to survive by making art and not selling a third of my life to a soulless corporation for less than I'm worth.

I'm also an evangelist for libertarian leftism for free. I try to stay mostly non-sectarian but I do personally advocate for Direct-Democracy and Democratic Councilism within a Syndicalist Federation brought about in a peaceful revolution via electoral politics and general strike.

Depending on the week, I pendulum between thinking it'll all work out and that humanity will save itself and thinking that we're all doomed and I may as well laugh maniacally as Rome burns. Either way, there is no meaning to anything beyond what humans ascribe it so I may as well try to be happy.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, I am Non-Compete. I am a YouTube channel. I like to make new friends on Mastodon.

#leftism #anarchism #puppets #noodles
#introductions #introduction
i feel like tags are a big thing so here’s my #introduction

im a #trans #bi guy from Brighton, UK. I’m a #socialist and I study sociology and criminology at uni. If anyone else is #new and #queer please speak to me. this platform is beyond confusing and i just wanna be a stress free gay
#Introduction (well, re-introduction but w/e)

I’m Lucy, and I’m an autistic, bisexual, Communist feminist. I fucking LOVE history, particularly Russian/Soviet/Eastern European history, but I’m also trying to read more about Central Asian/Tibetan and Latin American history. My biggest influences are probably Marx, Lenin, and Kollontai. Oh, and I love cats, art, cute things, and Lesya Ukrainka’s poetry!
Изображение / Фото
Socialist, creates fake documentaries that are actually pretty real, cultural analysis, advertising critique. Simultaneously
ironic and serious. A full person, not a personality. Married, parent, agender, happy with that, not with the world. #introduction #reintroduction
@captaincursor look for featured accounts in profiles and go through their followers or use hashtags e.g. #introduction
@sokrates20 Hello there.
I think your notice counts as an #introduction ;-).
I realize I've been here for while, but kindof appeared out of nowhere.
So, I'm Amy Jade, originally from San Francisco, California. I'm in Virginia for grad school, planning to move back to the Bay Area for law school after Fall semester. I'm a nerd, a semi-athlete, very intellectually deep, kinky yet bratty, submissive yet strong, with a dry sense of humor. :) I suppose that's me in a nutshell.
Socialist, creates fake documentaries that are actually pretty real, current events, advertising critique. Simultaneously
ironic and serious. A full person, not a personality. Married, father, happy with that, not with the world. #introduction
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