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A little #newhere

Is there a way to kickstart some content on a group's timeline by repeating into it? (Like how repeating notices puts it on the home and profile timeline.)
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #hamradio.
Hey new people on Mastodon!

For privacy reasons there's no automated "people to follow" suggestions on here.

However, there is an unofficial community site called #Trunk which is an opt-in list of people who are looking for followers, organised by topic:


Scroll down to find people to follow, or read the instructions at the top if you want to be added to a list.

For example, here's the list for "Science Fiction":


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#VK cannot substitute #G+ https://deko.cloud/posts/133#52d3baf0b1fe0136d011005056ba8f1f

Исчерпывающее разъяснение для англоговорящих о том почему #вконтакте вообще не рассматривается как замена #googleplus. Короче говоря "здесь вас сдают с потрохами".


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