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A little #newhere

Is there a way to kickstart some content on a group's timeline by repeating into it? (Like how repeating notices puts it on the home and profile timeline.)
Hey new people on Mastodon!

For privacy reasons there's no automated "people to follow" suggestions on here.

However, there is an unofficial community site called #Trunk which is an opt-in list of people who are looking for followers, organised by topic:


Scroll down to find people to follow, or read the instructions at the top if you want to be added to a list.

For example, here's the list for "Science Fiction":


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#VK cannot substitute #G+ https://deko.cloud/posts/133#52d3baf0b1fe0136d011005056ba8f1f

Исчерпывающее разъяснение для англоговорящих о том почему #вконтакте вообще не рассматривается как замена #googleplus. Короче говоря "здесь вас сдают с потрохами".


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