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Still one of the favorite mottos/themes I have ever created for an #OpenSource Project 'Grow together' #openSUSE #FreeSoftware https://gnusocial.ch/attachment/614755
Изображение / Фото
I like the upcoming UI look of OpenBuildService. Finally cutting off old braids! #openSUSE
Изображение / Фото
Gajim Plugin OMEMO für #openSUSE auf 2.5.14 aktualisiert:
> This guy has clearly never met a linux user.
@nichii That's a good point.
Have you ever tried !opensuse, by the way?
@postblue I still follow, as I've done the same thing for !opensuse before :-).
@tlacaelel Yep, it was discovered by the !suse Security Team after having a good look at the polkit privileges requested.
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