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Lots of fediverse projects start with the letter P!

Pantheon - https://github.com/TGNThump/Pantheon

PeerPx - https://github.com/peerpx/peerpx

PeerTube - https://joinpeertube.org

Pixelfed - https://pixelfed.org

Pleroma - https://pleroma.social

Plume - https://joinplu.me

Pterotype - https://getpterotype.com

Pubcast - https://github.com/pubcast/pubcast

Pubgate - https://github.com/autogestion/pubgate

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I'm wondering if I made the wrong thing with #Pterotype, and I'd love some feedback.

The problem I was trying to solve was how to put WordPress content on the Fediverse, but more generally I want to put all sorts of content on the Fediverse.

I'm starting to feel like the best way to achieve that would be by making a generic #ActivityPub client & server implementation, rather than a WordPress-specific server. Then the WordPress plugin could just be a client to the server implementation.
#Pterotype version 1.2.6 released! This release adds the ability to set a custom Fediverse name, description, and icon separate from the WordPress site identity. Up next: custom Fediverse username (so that not all Pterotype sites are @blog@<site name>).

As always, the roadmap is publicly viewable at https://getpterotype.com/roadmap.
Released #Pterotype version 1.1.1! Sync blog posts and comments from your WordPress blog with Mastodon and let users comment on posts by replying to the Mastodon thread!

Pterotype is available in the WordPress plugin repository and I'd appreciate it if you signed up as a beta tester at https://getpterotype.com/beta

#ActivityPub #WordPress
#Pterotype federation is a go! https://mastodon.technology/web/statuses/100916459121693609

🤓 😄 😍

#ActivityPub ftw
This is a test post

Pterotype QA WordPress Instance: This is a test post – Pterotype QA WordPress Instance (admin)

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