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Итак, друзья! Кто уже в теме и практически щупал #Solid ? Пишут, что тов. Тим Бернерс-Ли уже его использует, значит, где-то есть живые пользователи.

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I've read a few articles on #solid and it seems pretty neat. However, one thing remains unclear.

Let's say I host my own pod. All personal data resides in my apartment. I create an account on a Solid-compliant social media and grant permission to access my pod and read chunks of data.

Now, what's stopping said SoMe from storing the data on their own servers? In this case, they'd own it as much as I would, no?
So, #Solid seems pretty interesting.

I can only pray it takes off.
A good guide for the perplexed about using the current front end to #Solid pods:
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