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Instead of munin I set up a central netdata collector and set up netdata on all my nodes to send metrics to this central netdata server

netdata's performance seems to have improved from the last time I gave it a try

still need to figure out a plan for long(er) term archival of metrics

I'm not sure what backend I want to go with, netdata supports a few


Using git as a system backup tool - discuss.
#git #backup #snapshot #it #sysadmin
You may approach and ask for more disk quota OR root account jailed in FreeBSD jail/Linux container. #sysadmin https://t.co/x0bfx82njq
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Do you use RAID on Linux/BSD/Unix system? #sysadmin
FreeBSD 12 released: Here is how to upgrade FreeBSD 11 to 12. Happy upgrades!!! #Unix #Sysadmin
Lesser known #SysAdmin tools for everyone.

Midnight Commander or MC

A twin pane, curses based file manager for use in the terminal.

Probably, the most powerful FM available, anywhere.

* filesystem bookmarks
* access remote systems using SSH
* dive into .zip, tar, DEB, JAR etc. using VFS
* run commands in a sub-shell without leaving MC
* built-in editor & viewer or configure your own
* hotkeys
* completely configurable
* and lots more


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