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Connect your Android phone to Ubuntu Linux wirelessly.

Transfer files, see notifications and send SMS using an open source extension.

ll you need is a modern Linux distro like Ubuntu and an open-source GNOME Shell extension called ‘GSConnect‘.

GSConnect is a totally free, feature packed add-on that lets you connect your Android phone to Ubuntu over a wireless network.

==> https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/11/connect-android-ubuntu-gsconnect
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How to Connect Your Android Phone to Ubuntu Wirelessly
olympus-photosync: wireless bridge between Olympus cameras and Linux!

A tool that making it possible to wirelessly transfer files from a supported Olympus camera to a Linux PC.

The tool makes use of the camera’s Wi-Fi, you don’t have to hack or tweak the camera for it to work /w olympus-photosync. if you have a recent Wi-Fi-enabled certain Olympus cam, chances are it will work fine.



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