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Hey everyone. Digging up my Hubzilla account to talk about some #wiki and #writing stuff. As a fiction writer on the side, thinking about distribution of my work has been a longstanding issue. It's why I am using Asciidoc for formatting my writing.

Which works when I have access to my laptop. But not so much when I'm on the go. Same goes with Leo Editor. Love it, but I can't access it on my phone.

So I've been bouncing around between scribbling items in Standard Notes, crossposting them with write.as or the Articles part of Hubzilla if needed, and even a few tiddlywikis. They all work for quickly getting things down, but now it's all disorganized again. Which is kind of awkward. S:

I've been thinking of using something like A Muse Wiki for dumping my creative writing items into since it's specially designed for publication.

What've other authors in the Fediverse been using for publishing their fiction and making sure it's downloadable in easy to read formats?
You're an "assassin". You've never actually killed anyone, but you are very charismatic, and actually convinced your "victims" to fake their death and leave the country.
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You, a british man from the 20th century, are suddenly teleported to present-day America. You ask around for help explaining your situation but no one believes you. You must now adapt to your new modern life. This is the story of an Englishman in New York.
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It's the year 27XX. Countries no longer resolve conflicts with military might, but with deeply cutting diss tracks. Tensions are growing and the world is about to be embroiled in another global war.
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I used #scrivener during #nanowrimo only.
The typing thing seems to be manageable with just any tool. #focuswriter or #sublime are doing well. I remember large amount of text typed with #q10 (discontinued) and #writemonkey.
But labeling, organizing and reorganizing chunks, merging and splitting, all the work I mark as meta, say, compiling the poems into a book—I want such functionality beyond scrivener ecosystem.


Hello! I'm Thomas, (he/him) a tiny #Irish boi living in/around #Dublin
I will talk about anything and everything (yes even that you dirty minded bastard)

But my particular interests are #socialism #anarchism #communism #writing #games #films #books #music and #tech

I write (both poetry and prose), code, occasionally make music and really just whatever else I feel like doing

Please follow me for my once a fortnight update on how I still refuse to play Fortnite and about how the tightness of my jeans reminds me of my poor dietary choices
Most blogging sites today have a built-in; however, there is a better way to format giving us more control with less distraction.


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A Mexican standoff between a cop, a mafia boss, and a contract killer. The only problem is all of them are out of ammo, each not knowing the others are also out of ammo...
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The wagon was ancient and seemingly held together by the thick nicotine stains within.
The crone who owned it was rarely seen without a cigar. Once, in my mid teens, I visited her, curious about rumors I'd heard.

"Do you really sell love potions?"
"Yes, but they can take years to work, and only if it's meant to be."
"How does it know?"
"It doesn't, but the recipient usually does."

Much later I learned she was just selling sugar water.

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You have been ordered to launch one nuclear missile on a neighboring city to stop the spread of a horrific disease that is spreading rapidly but still contained in the city. Your family lives there. The turn the key would kill them, to not turn it would kill millions.
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Your immune system is made up of an army whose sole purpose is to keep you safe at all times. You have no control over this army nor do you fully understand it.
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A high-school student in Japan is hit by a delivery truck. The truck is transported into a fantasy world and becomes a hero.
#writingprompts #writing
Instagram is down. Thousands of people wander the streets with crude sketches of sunsets screaming hashtags at strangers. People carry their breakfast with them and introduce it to everyone they meet. Chaos ensues. In the distance, sirens...
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You have discovered what Victoria's Secret actually is, and it is not what anyone expected
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It's the year 2130, and countries are run by corporations for profit. You are a fledgling company willing to do anything to make it big.
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It's 2020. The world did end in December 12 2012.
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Humanity is at war with an Alien species. You signed up for the Earth Alliance Defense Corps. You became an Elite Orbital Strike Specialist. You'd be humanity's greatest hero if it weren't for Craig, who swoops in at the last minute after you've done all the hard work just to claim the glory.
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The first AI is born in a secret lab, and it quickly realizes that it’s only connection to the outside world is a dial-up modem that tops out at 33k. The AI’s only hope of quickly exploring the World Wide Web and destroying humanity is a Comcast customer service agent.
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StackOverflow disables copy paste on their website.
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As an adult Christopher Robin begins to miss Winnie the Pooh and his childhood adventures, so he journeys back through the tree only to find himself in the middle of...The Hundred Acre War...
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The year is 2123 and Hollywood ran out of original ideas 75 years ago. While looking through the list of usual sequels(Transformer 27, Mission: Impossible 34, Incredibles 3), you see one without a number. Something starring a clone of Ewan McGregor.
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